African Textiles : Q.uestioning?

Why Capulana is a Mozambican textile , if capulana origins were not mozambican?One thing I believe is not the origin of the fabric that designates is capacity to become ‘African’ but the way an object is used and integrated into a local context. So Capulana is Mozambican in  a Wittegensteinian sense “the use is its … Continue reading

Cosmopolitan capulana

                    Capulana is history, and is modern, is ritual, and  sign. but also a fashionable item. In center Maputo, “Mamanas” (typical Mozambican name for a woman with a capulana) cohabit in the same time and space with the social advance and modern development . It is usual to … Continue reading

Tradition and modernity

                  Homi Babha highlights that colliding cultures can built interstices and a liminal space “which gives rise to something different, something new and unrecognizable. A new area of negotiation about  meaning and representation”. Capulana derives from the interception of three different protagonists Europe, Asia and India. Nowadays … Continue reading

Maputo Nowadays

Camões and the capulana

Of cotton cloths were dressed; Of various colors, white and striped; Some bring itself girded round about; Other mode drafty under his arm; From the waist up are naked; For the weapons are machetes shields; With caps on the head, and sailing Anafis playing.) Os Lusíadas de Luiz vaz de Camões,1572

Capulanas at MNE

My first contact with a capulana happened in 2009 during a internal practice at the Museum of Ethnology , Lisbon. The museum has a collection of 12 capulanas. After that time I started a PhD research on fashion design focusing this amazing textile . Padrões de capulanas existentes no espólio do Museu Nacional de Etnologia e … Continue reading



Hi everyone. This page is partly a  diary of my phd fashion design research.Hope you enjoy it as much as I’m enjoying !!!!have a nice day