Capulana’s videos ?

Please, I need some informations about videos that shows capulana cloth, rituals and ceremony. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks youuuuu. Advertisements

Sustainability’s memorial

Please don’t forget ! Sustain+ability 1)May ask for another attitude facing the world around. 2)May invite you to participate in a global exchange regarding a healthier ecosystem. 3)May ask you to be responsible for your happiness and future generations well-being . 4)May consider a global changing when concerning the habit(u)s that we, human beings, develop … Continue reading

um pouco de história de Moçambque

Hoje durante as minhas pesquisas encontrei este artigo interessante que sintetise um pouco da História de Moçambique após a chegada dos Portugueses.

Capulana no ritual de iniciação

Here is a short video about an interview made in Lisbon. D. Rosa , a mozambican woman (from Mozambique Island but actually leaving living in Maputo )  talks about her experience with capulanas.

capulana dressed by men

Capulana is mostly defined as a women garment. But  men also wear capulana. I selected some images where this fact is significant to add a great contribute to capulana history. Races of men . 1880                 worker- from Mozambique coast_1902                 … Continue reading

Capulana nos rituais.

Traditional mozambican healers make use of the capulana during rituals. Here is an amazing video made by the photojournalist Vlad Sokhin

capulana and the “mestice” fashions. Ricardo Rangel’s contribute

                    “Doorkeeper at the Moulin Rouge”                     The three Marias. Casablanca Bar, 1970 Many works by Rangel do, the fusion of the afro/mozambican culture with its colonial ancestors, the Portuguese. Under colonial rules,  Mozambican people developed strong african … Continue reading

some facts

1)Of Mozambique’s almost 21.5 million people, nearly 12 million—or 55 percent of the population—live below the official poverty line of 18.4 Meticais (about 50 cents) a day 2)“Moçambique é um dos 20 países mais pobres do mundo e está em quarto pior lugar do Índice de Desenvolvimento Humano (IDH) de 2011 da ONU. Desde a independência, o … Continue reading

Mozambique Channel , 1748

The portuguese presence on the country dated 16th century , when portuguese occupied the litoral coast .  During 128 years , Mozambique was a portuguese colony since 1885- when Berlin Conference has legitimated the neocolonial politic of the european countries.  

capulana on 30’s

It is not usual to find photographies about capulana on the 30’s. Today I got my luck and found this amazing postcard  on the blog Ma-schamba. . Thanks to publish a comment about this blog too. here