capulana and the “mestice” fashions. Ricardo Rangel’s contribute

                    “Doorkeeper at the Moulin Rouge”                     The three Marias. Casablanca Bar, 1970 Many works by Rangel do, the fusion of the afro/mozambican culture with its colonial ancestors, the Portuguese. Under colonial rules,  Mozambican people developed strong african … Continue reading

Nefertity crown

Frequently capulana dress code dictates a matching headscarf. But on this picture below we a can see a different way of tying a headscarf. This fashion is typical from Gaza. And the technique of doing it is amazing. many steps are necessary to achieve this final result. The result is similar to the crown wearied … Continue reading

Macua Women in Lisbon

                    Is  known that Lisbon has a vibrant African community but for the first time I saw a Macua Woman on the street. The first time I look her was near Bairro Alto, and today I made a closer contact on the periphery of Lisbon ( … Continue reading